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Video Transcript

Creating more power in your golf swing is sought after by most golfers they want more distance for creating more power and more club head speed we are going to generate more distance with the golf ball. Now one good tip for doing that is to maintain a close position with your shoulders as you start your down swing. A lot of golfers will try and hit the ball further by hitting it harder, but in actual fact what you want to do is hit it smarter by keeping their shoulders more closed. By this if we put a – alignment pole in as you start your golf swing your shoulders will be parallel to that alignment pole. As we swing the club back and in a right handed golfer we turn the chest to the right, the shoulders have now gone into a closed position, that means they’re pointing to the right of the target or they’re pointing across the alignment line. Now if you want to create more power rather than trying to hit harder and faster, harder and faster from the top of the swing will cause the shoulders to spin and become more open but you are not even down at the golf ball when that’s happening, so you’ve opened the shoulders up released all the power, you’ve now not got the club head speed to get through the ball and you are actually not going to hit as far. So what smarter golfers do, is swing to the top and then they keep their shoulders in this position and turn their hips and keep your shoulders in that close position for as long as possible, one should adjust into this position just before the hit of the ball, now turn the shoulders and the body through and that will allow the club to accelerate to its maximum velocity as you are hitting the golf ball. So if you want to create longer shots rather than trying to hit harder from the top be smarter, keep the shoulders in more of a closed position, turn the hips and then at the last second turn the shoulders into the ball.