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This swing tip is going to help you to improve your chipping and to create a full running chip shot, and we are going to look at how you should release correctly through the ball to achieve this. Initially to hit that running golf shot, you want to take a slightly less lofty club. So don’t use your pitching wedge, maybe go for something like your seven iron which has got slightly less loft on the club face and will give you a lower ball flight to the chip meaning that once it lands because the trajectory of the ball is lower, it’s going to land and roll forwards rather than a higher trajectory would mean as the ball drops it’s dropping quite vertically and then it won’t really roll on that much.

Okay, so now we are going to look at how to actually start up to hit the shot. So slightly narrow the stance I would recommend that you pull your left foot directly back maybe four to six inches, that will help you to rotate the hip slightly but you will still return your alignment with your shoulders. So normal set up position, slightly narrower stance to help with the balance and just pull the left foot directly back about four to six inches. Now set the club so that the hands are ahead. Now, all this means is get the club so the shaft of the club is leaning with the handle towards the target. So you are creating in a very straight line from the left shoulder into the left hands and into the club head.

Okay we are going to swing that straight line away from the ball and now we are going to look at how to release correctly through the shot. And I think one of the biggest mistakes that golfers will make is they try to use their hands and wrists far too much during a running shot. Then hands and wrists are extremely passive. You are going to release the club by actually rotating and turning your body, so the release is going to look like this, you are going to swing the club back to the right. You are going to keep the straight line from the left shoulder into the hands into the club head, so impact position would look like this and you can see you are allowing the lower body and the torso to start to rotate towards the target.

As you swing through the shots, the body will continue to rotate so you are finishing with your right heel slightly off the floor but really working on rotating the hips and the torso so they finish pointing at the target. The club will remain quite low to the ground so really retaining that straight look from the left shoulder into the left hands and into the club head, really working on keeping that rather than seeing this position with the hands. Here the wrists have become overactive and have started to flick and you can see you’ve lost that straight line relationship and that’s going to mean that you are not consistently going to connect with the ball correctly.

You are not going to chip while you start to fat the shot, or thin the shot. So work on hitting the shot, keep a straight line and as you hit, turn the body through the shot so you finish rotated with the torso and the hips towards the target and this very straight look in the left arm from the left shoulder to the hands to the club head. If you work on having more of a body release rather than a hands release during your chipping, you become a much more consistent player and you’ll really see your scores tumble.