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Video Transcript

Learning to hit flop shot can be invaluable shot to have in your bag for when you’re out on the course. A flop shot is a shot which gives a lot of vertical movement but not much forward movement. So it's going to give a very high short shot ideal for hitting over bunkers when there isn't much green to work with. In order to hit this shot we need to change the set up position to allow that to happen. So place the ball slightly towards the front foot. This will allow you to slide the club under the ball.

We are also going open the club face up so turn handle of the to the club to the right and then hold the club and use your most lofty club. If that your sand then fine but if you got a lob wedge or 58 or 60 degrees club, use that the more lofty you've got the higher the ball is going to go. So we are turning the handle to the right then we are holding the club to allow that clip to get as much loft on it as possible. The club now though will be pointing to the right of target. So you’re going to alter your fit position over to the left to allow that club to square up to the target so you going to hit the ball straight.

Ball slightly towards the left foot, weight is going to go back on the right foot about 60% of weigh on your right foot for the shot. Again the more you keep your way back you will be able to slide the club under the ball and allow the club to generate the heights for the shots. Hands are going to be in line with the ball if not slightly behind again. We don’t want to lead with the hands forward that would deal off the club. So hand position crucial to be over the ball or slightly to the right. Keep the weight on right foot and we are going to use a very wristy action as we swing okay.

If would be very wristy, it will allow us to create quite a big back swing and then we can slide the club under the ball as we hit through. So as I'm setup here now I'm looking to swing in line with my body position which means that I'm going to try and catch the [tea] pack a I swing back. I'm not swinging along the target line I want to swing out and then to in. Allowing me to cut across the ball and generate a lot of heights. So hit in the shot we want club faced turn to the right then hands on. Adjust the feet so the club is pointing back at the ball. Ball slightly forward in the stunts and the weight on the right foot 60%. Very wristy on the back swing and then cut across the target line and slide the club under the ball using the wrists.

So work on practicing that shot. It's going to give you really high shot that lands very, very quickly. There's not going to be a lot of forward movement on that ball. So it’s a very controlled shot but remember it is a high risk shot. So use sparely. You don’t want to use and all situations just when you got a really high shot to get over bunker and not much green to work with.