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With this tip, we’re going to look at how to create a well connected golf swing. To create a well connected golf swing, you need to make sure that your whole body is moving in unison, rather than just focusing on individual and independent separate parts. So focus on moving the larger muscles of your body, really work on turning your torso, turning your upper body, slight turnings to the hips and letting the arms and the hands follow, rather than working on each separate individual swing parts during movements.

So if you set up and take a good address position where you can get in a really nice balance and then work on all of the movements, so all of the parts of the swing working as one unit and staying very well connected. Not allowing the hands to start before the torso, not allowing the torso to move before the hands, everything moving in unison. So as you begin your backswing, work on turning from the upper body, the upper body and the turn of the upper body will take a left arm out away from the ball into a very nicely rotated backswing position.

Your shoulders will have rotated 90 degrees to the right of where they started, the right hand the golf is, and you should find that your back is now flat to the target. So work on turning from your upper body, working the large muscles, keeping the larger muscles working with the smaller muscles at the hands and the arms. On the down swing again, work on turning the knees into the golf shot, so turn your knees then the hips towards the target that will then create the torso to stop to rotate towards the target and allow the hands to drop into the shaft for you to hit your golf swing.

And finish in a very nicely balanced position where you’ve completely rotated the larger muscles around to the target and finishing with the club around to the back of your head. That will create a really well connected golf swing. So good drill to help you sort of pick up on how that feels is if you held the golf club straight out in front of you and imagine you have a golf ball on a post at a comfortable height. Just stand upright and vertical, and just take a baseball swing to this imaginary ball that we have here, and you’ll notice how the upper body and the torso turns, it keeps the arms connected, the arms aren’t moving first before the torso, the torso isn’t moving before the arms, everything is staying connected during the bat swing and then as you work back into the shot to hit this imaginary ball out of the way, again the torso, the movement will lead from the ground upwards, the knees turning into the target, then the hips, then the torso turning, and then the arms swinging the club through into a well balanced finish. So that will ensure that all your body works as a unit and doesn’t allow one part of you to raise ahead or another part to lag behind. Try that on the practice range and you should find the hitting much more successful and consistent golf shots.