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So looking at ways to create better swing tempo. One thing you'll find with all of the world's greatest players is that swing tempo is really consistent, it doesn't become erratic. And better players tend to have a swing tempo which is three times longer on their back swing as it is to as they hit through. So it's really important to create that three to one ratio. Now good way to work on that is when you're at the range, you set and ready to hit as you start to swing the club back, count one by the time you are half way on your back swing say two, top of the back swing say three, and then hits on number four. So that will give you a really smooth consistent tempo. So one, two, three, four creating a smooth tempo will allow you to have a really, really consistent golf swing and especially under pressure that will allow you to make those really tough shots. So from the range work on the tempo and take it on to the course when you're under pressure.