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Video Transcript

So if we focus on takeaway, it is really important with a good takeaway that you use a one piece action, now that would mean that your left arm and the club are going to stay as a complete straight line during the movement away. So if I set up here my left arm and the club like they are in a really straight line and I’m going to keep that straight line until my hands get to about hip height. So I’m working on taking the club head low along the floor, stretching it away from the ball and keeping the straight line between my left arm and the club. Once I get to hip height I can then chinch my wrists which will happen quite naturally and the club head momentum will start to move upwards. But until that point, so from setup the club and the left arm are in a really straight line and we are going to take the club along low to the floor and it is wide away from you as possible to generate some power.

Now with a pitching wedge, you will take the club away and use your wrist a little bit earlier but if you want to go for some real power with your drives, as you setup with a driver just make sure that you take the club away for longer. So longer and lower before the wrist action starts to come in, that will give you plenty of power and you will be hitting long straight drives before no time.