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Video Transcript

During this swing tip video we’re going to have a look at what the correct movement is on a takeaway, and specifically what relationship the club head should have with the hands on that takeaway. So looking at set up position, from a wide stance and in the stable well-balance stance, the correct takeaway would move the club head along the target line and allow it to remain over the target line. So, as I start to swing back towards the camera, as you’re looking at this film you should see that the club head looks on this side of my hands. It’s not in line with my hands. So that’s now showing you a position where the club head is on the outside.

So as I swing the club away, I want to make sure I’m keeping that club head over the yellow pearl I’m hedging my wrist up. But as you’re looking this way, the club head is staying on this side of my hands. If the club head moves to this side of my hands, the club head is now on the inside. So again as you’re looking this side of my hands, the club head is on the inside. So, I certainly don’t want to go on the inside on my takeaway, I want to allow the club head to travel down the target line, keeping it on the outside of my hands on this side of my hands that you’re looking, and then hinge my wrist to finish so the club head is absolutely in line with my left arm and my hands. And that will result in it being on plane with the takeaway. So, next time you’re at the driving range, work on keeping the club head much more out over the target line, rather than allowing it to swing around you too quickly. And get to this side of your hands which will be the right hand side of your hands as you’re looking at your hands. Keep the club head out here, hinge the wrist up and by waist height the club head should be in line with your hands and at the same height as your hands as well. So try that for a much better takeaway and it will set your golf swing, you’ll start hitting much better shots.