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Video Transcript

How can I get more confidence in my golf game? Well, the first thing I would do to help you become more confident is, the next time you go to the driving range take your golf clubs and hit sort of 6 to10 balls with one golf club and just look at the average of how far that ball goes. So you start to become more aware of the average yardage that that particular club gives you. Jot it down so you create a yardage chart for yourself and do that with all of your clubs so that you’ve got that information to take out onto the golf course with you. And the next time you play on the course, take the yardage charge out with you, just in your pocket.

Okay so now to improve your confidence on the course, we need to get you more prepared to hit that golf shot. So what we need to do is stand behind the ball, so you’re looking from the ball directly at the target. And I want you get a really good picture of what you see before you. Really pick upon the detail in that picture. Look at the different colors. Look at where the hazards are. Look at where the trees are or the clouds. Really pick out individual leaves. Pick out butter cups or daisies you can see on the ground so that you’ve got a really detailed picture and put the target within that and really make that target a very vibrant color so it really stands out as the focal point of that picture.

Imagine the line from the ball to the target, and again really make that a vibrant color that you can see that line, it really stands out to you, so you’re going to focus on it. And then what we’re going to do is we’re going to introduce a commitment line to you. Now, when you walk over this line, you’ve decided what club to use because you know the distance between the ball and that target and then you can look at your yardage charts, you can feel more confident you’ve got the right club to play that yardage. And once we’ve got that good image of where we want the ball to go and what the shot’s going to look like, as we walk over this line now, we’re committed to playing that shot. We’re not doubting if we’ve got the right club, or if we’ve made the right choice. It’s not about whether you’ve made the right choice, it’s about committing to the choice you’ve made.

So walk over the line, set the club face to the target line that you’ve pictured going out there to the target, set your feet up and then I want you to play the shot from your memory. Play it with concentrating and focusing on the memory of that picture that you’ve just created in your head of the target. If you play the shot from memory and you’re imaging that line going to the target and you’re imagining the whole picture, what you’ll start to notice is you feel really calm, really composed and very confident and in control of being able to do it.

So play the shot from your memory, have a look up, remember the detail of the picture out there. Look back down but even though you’re looking at the ball, focus on the memory of the target. Hit your golf shot with the memory and then you’ll find that you start hitting much more accurate golf shots and you’re feeling a lot more confident and able to do that.