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Video Transcript

If you like to get the sensation of how the thing has worked during the golf swing, there are a great few drills that you can use. Now drills work best when you isolate certain areas of the swing. Now there’s no better way of isolating certain paths of the grip by hitting shots with one hand. Now I'm not asking you to go out and try and hit the drive, yeah a million miles down the fairway. Just hitting a few chip shots, just hitting a few short pitch shots using one hand. Now the first thing you can do, well you can do it in either way. It doesn't really matter.

But let’s start off with the left hand. So what I'm going to be doing here is I am going to be getting that grip running through the base of my little finger into the middle of my index finger, wrapping it over, trying to get that V kind of pointing towards my right shoulder, and trying to see two and a half knuckles on the back of my left hand. Now as to the previous videos, I'm just putting a little bit more pressure on this grip with the back of my left hand here. So my little finger is just gripping on a little bit tighter. Now because I'm only using one hand, as soon as I start swinging this and as soon as you guys kind of stop practicing this, you're going to take it away and want to grip on much, much tighter.

It’s an instinctive thing because we've taking away the control of the right hand you're going to want to try and grip on super tight with the left. Now the whole point of this drill and the whole kind of reason for this is for you to understand the role that the fingers are going to want to play. Because as you start to take it away, you are going to be want to keeping that pressure on the little finger, then the hand is going to want to try and tense up. And by the time you hit, you're going to be gripping on super, super tight.

So what I am going to do is get set up, get that nice neutral grip. Focus on that little bit of a kind of more pressure on that little finger on that left hand, getting yourself set up, taking it away. And then as you come through, just really try to relax the rest of the hand and keep the focus on that grip pressure on the back of the hand. Now here's where I made myself look a little bit silly. So you don’t need a full shot, it's just gripping on with that little finger, keeping the rest of the hand nice and relaxed coming through and just trying to clip it away. And if you can try and actually keep the focus on that little finger, you'll be doing it very, very well.

And all you need to do with the right hand, very simply just switch it around. So get in that neutral position with the right hand, and then trying to keep the focus of the grip pressure on the index finger, and the thumb of the right hand. If you actually even want to feel like these back few fingers are actually almost off the club, that will give you a real sensation of what you want to be doing. The reason that you want that little bit of a pressure on that right forefinger, and that thumb is to try and help press the club a little bit more into the palm.

You can do this with the other fingers, but remember when your left hand comes on they're going to be in the way. So by applying the pressure with this first thing in the thumb will be a much better way of giving you an idea of what role the fingers are playing throughout the swing. So use these two drills, and let me know how you get them.