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Video Transcript

How can you improve your aim on your golf tee shots? Now, your tee shots require an important part of your game because if you don’t get your tee shot accurately landing on the fairway, you’re going to really struggle. And your aim is really important on a tee shot because if you are five degrees out on a tee shot and then you hit the ball 250 yards, you’re probably going to miss the fairway, definitely you’re going miss the fairway. And also, when you don’t get your alignment right, often your swing will be compensating for poor alignment causing more problems.

So, the alignment of the tee shot is very, very important. This is one of the areas where you likely see the best place in the world, setting a great example that you can copy. Most of the best players in the world do not start their pre-shot routine from this side of the ball ready to hit it. They actually start their pre-shot routine from behind the ball looking down the target line. So, they’ll tee the ball up here and then they’ll step back. And they’ll lock down the target line here and you’ll even see some of them using the golf club lifting up in the air to check it particularly players like Justin Rose. And he’s lifting the club up and then he’s placing the grip hand on the side of the ball and using the shaft to draw a straight line to his intended target and then picking it intermediate point.

Now that intermediate point, I’m going mark just on the edge of my mat here with the golf ball. So, these two golf balls are now aligned up perfectly with where I want to aim on the fairway. And don’t forget that’s not always exactly the flag. I might not be aiming for the flag of the tee. I might be aiming for a wider part in the fairway or even allowing for some crosswind. So, at daylight today, we got a crosswind from left to right. I’d be setting this up to point, maybe a bunker or a tree down the left hand side.

I then line myself up here. Now, I can use that point as a real god reference guide. I could even check my feet perfectly perpendicular or parallel in this case to that exact target line. I can then go ahead and make my swing confidently hitting my ball directly over the top of that ball dispatching it nicely down the middle, confident that if I’ve got my alignment sorted out, I’m hitting exactly in the right direction and now I’m going to be keeping my ball on the right line. So, when you step upon to the tee, take time getting your alignment right for your tee shots and that will produce better straighter golf shots for you in the future.