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How should I aim my hybrid golf clubs? Now hybrid golf clubs are like any other club in the bag. If you want to hit a straight shot you need to be aligning the club face square to your target line. So a target line is from the ball down to your target and then kind of back beyond it, but that’s the line that you want your ball to be travelling. You want the club to be set nice and square to the actual target line. Now somehow hybrid clubs are easier to align than others, I have got my Thomas Golf hybrid club here with the patented alignment technology built into the crown which makes it a lot easier for me to align this club. But what you want to be doing is setting that club down behind the ball, getting it pointing straight down towards your target line and then setting your body parallel to that target line.

You don’t want your body beginning to weigh in at the target as well. The easiest way to imagine this is a train track; the target line is the outer rail, your body is set parallel and is the inner rail. If those rails cross at any point there is going to be a derailment. So we need to keep that path, the actual target line and your parallel body lines aiming in this manner. Don’t cross them, don’t get them mixed up, aim them in parallel lines. And if you are using the clubs such as the Thomas Golf Hybrid it will make it a hell of a lot easier.