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Video Transcript

There really is no point hitting brilliant straight crisp iron shots if you weren’t aimed in the right direction. So your alignment for the iron shots is incredibly important because these iron shots are generally going to be the shots that land on the green. So we’ve got a small green to aim at, we’ve got a flag on the middle of that green that we’re aiming for, and the closer and more accurately we can hit our iron shots the shorter the putts are going to be on the other end. So aiming is very, very important with your iron shots. How can we do that?

What I would suggest is actually when you’re picking your target for aiming, you use the club to help you aim in the right direction. So we stand back behind the golf ball; and we have a flag out in the distance, we have the ball down here in front of us, and we use the shaft of our golf club just to join the two up. So the flag is up here on this end if I shoot one eye, the golf ball is here at this end, and I pick a spot just about here which is a spot about a yard or two yards ahead of me down on the ground; a leaf, a blade of grass, a piece of mud, something like that that I’m going to aim over the top of. And now as I’d lined up my set up here, I’ve got a spot there to aim at rather than a spot 150 yards away to aim at, it’s much easier to pick out that spot. I can stand on my toes, parallel to that spot. Notice it’s parallel to the spot not aiming at the spot or even aim at the flag, my feet don’t aim at the flag, they aim that distance left of the flag. So whatever distance that is two, two and a half feet, and I mean two and half feet left of the flag; I’m on train lines, they never merge, they never meet. So the club points at the spot here, I stand parallel; my feet, my knees, my hips, my shoulders, everything parallel to target. Then when I’m ready, I can go ahead and pull the trigger and make my swing go over the top of the object that I picked out in front of me. If I focus on hitting my golf ball over the top of that object that I picked out, it should be dead online to the target and the distance. It’s much easier to aim at something a yard or two yards ahead of you than it is to aim at something 150 yards away. Work on that principle to improve your iron accuracy.