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The number one secret you need to know to fix your aiming in golf. Golf is a target orientated sport. It doesn’t matter whether you’re hitting your first shot from the tee, an iron shot from the fairway, or a putt into the hole, you always have a target to aim for, be it the fairway, the green, or the hole right at the end. It’s fundamental therefore that you aim yourself correctly. Think about shooting a gun as a rifle into a rifle range. You don’t point to everywhere you like. You have to aim; same in golf. I have to aim.

Couple of things I’ve got to aim. I have to aim the club, or the club head, and I have to aim my body. So when you start playing, the first thing you need to do is to lay the club down at the back of the golf ball at the tee peg and point the leading edge of the golf club in the right direction. The leading edge is this bit. Don’t let your eye get drawn by the top of the golf club, that’s the not the bit you’re looking for. You’re looking for the leading edge of the golf club here, to be exactly 90 degrees perpendicular to your target line and we often call that square. So as a golfer, we want to make sure the club face is square to your target line.

So as I lay that club down there behind the ball, that’s square to my target. The next thing that I need to line up is my body. And simply by placing my feet down in the right position and making sure that they are aiming correctly, give myself a little bit of a shuffle and that should mean that my knees, my hips, my shoulders, and my body are all square to target and pointing in the right direction. So I line the club face up, and I line my feet up, everything is pointing in the right direction. You might consider actually that you’re almost standing on two train lines. So if I turn side on here, I’m setting up the golf ball here, and I have one train line there for my ball to target line and one train line here across the front of my toes, my knees, my hips and my shoulder and everything is pointing in the right direction. Then you simply can’t hit a golf ball consistently straight unless you get your aim right. So start with the fundamentals, aim the club, aim your body, and that’s going to be the good fundamentals of the start of a good golf swing.