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Will using a golf hybrid from the tee improve my course management? Now when you’re on the tee of a par – three par four par, five, you also need to select the club which you think is going to do the best job. What a lot of people do especially on par fours, par five, is instantly reach for the driver, because they know if they catch a good one it’s going to go the longest, it’s going to go the furthest, and leave them with the less amount of distance in. However, with the longest shot and with greater distance, there comes a greater amount of dispersion. What you can do, if you find a hybrid golf club which you like, which you’re comfortable with, which has a relatively low loft about 18 to 20 degrees, it can do a fantastic job off the tee. And what it does, as soon as you get confident, as soon as you feel that you can hit the fairway more often with it, you’ll start to see a much more consistent off the tee game. You’ll be able to find more fairways. Although the second shot might be a longer, at least you’ll be playing it from a nice lie and not in the rough.

Now when you’re playing a hybrid off the tee, it’s pretty much a similar technique as you would use normally with the ball a couple of inches inside the left heel with this 20° hybrid I have here. The stand’s nice and solid; the swing center and head just behind the pole and just trying to bruise the ground just after the point of impact. So you can use a hybrid off the tee and if you get a good strike, it’s still going to go a reasonable amount of distance, but it’s also going to be a less amount of dispersion and end up on the fairway more often, so if you use a hybrid, you use your head wisely, it can certainly improve how you manage yourself around the course.