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How can I precisely aim my golf drives? Now alignment with driving is very similar to alignment with other clubs, but you do have the advantage when you’re hitting a driver off the tee, that you can place your ball how you like and you can align your ball how you like. You can actually pick it up and get that ball in your hands, and that’s a massive advantage to get you aligned up correctly.

Now the first thing you need to do when getting yourself aligned correctly is pick your target line. So where you want the ball to go, pick it out in the distance, draw a line back to where you’re going to tee the ball, and then pick something just in front of the tee, no more than three or four feet away. It could be a leaf, it could be an old divot, it could be anything you look but as long as it’s just in front of the tee, and it aligns up with your eventual target.

Now from there, most golf balls, well pretty much every golf ball has markings that you can use to align up with. Now you can also buy little marking implements, you can draw a line with. You can use a marker pen, anything that’s going to put a bit of a line or you can use the logo in the manufacturer’s name, but anything which gives a bit of a line and a bit of a point in the direction you want to go. Now what you want to do from there is get that logo, get those lines pointing to your intermediate target which falls on the target line.

So you know that that ball is now pointing where you want it to go. From there, most drivers, especially the Thomas Golf Products with their patented design on the crown, will have a bit of an alignment aid on the top. So what you want to do is get that alignment aid lined up with the lines on the ball, which is lined up with your intermediate target, which sits on your target line, and you now know that that club face is aimed correctly. From there, you’ve got your feet together, you can split them apart, get them parallel to your target line. And from there if you put a good golf swing on this ball, it should fly relatively straight.

So to ensure that you get aligned out correctly pick a target line, pick a point, line the ball up, align the club face up to the ball and then get your alignment set parallel to your target line. If you go through that routine, there’s not a great deal that can go wrong with your alignment.