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How can you take dead aim with you putter? Well it’s first important to identify why the aiming is important, because -- and when you look at putting, putting is a game of aiming. Golf is a game of aiming, we’ve got a target; we have to aim towards that target. Now a target isn’t always the hole because a putt will often have some break or some curve to it, it’s important to understand we’re not always aiming directly at the hole. Quite often we’d be aiming to the side of the hole, so let’s not talk about the hole, let’s talk about target line. Target line is; where do I want the ball to set off rolling, for it then to curve and break into the hole.

So it’s important that I take dead aim with my putter at my target line. Now one of the things that could help you is actually using the golf ball to help you line up. If we got a golf ball here that’s got the maker’s name on it and I can actually use the maker’s name to help me line up so I could line the makers name in the direction that I want the ball to be pointing in. Obviously I have to do that when the ball is marked, I can’t just move the ball around, but if the ball is marked I can angle that in the right direction.

Then as I step out to the side of the ball I have a couple of looks at the hole and as I’m standing here I’m moving my putter around to point it exactly towards my target line. So the putter isn’t aiming at the hole it’s aiming at my desired target line. I might have picked a blade of grass or a flack of dirt on the surface that I want to aim exactly at. The ball is aiming at that marker, the putter head is aiming at that, I’ve then got to consider my feet, my knees, my hips, my shoulders, my whole body, needs to be pointing exactly on that spot.

And when I’ve got everything aiming nice and accurately I should feel comfortable that I can pull the trigger and roll my ball end over end towards my desired spot. As long as my stroke is something like accurate in terms of straight back and straight through pointing towards my target line, I should be able to consistently produce reasonable to accurate results as long as my aiming is good at the start of my stroke. If you get your aim right towards your target line you’ll hold more putts as well.