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I think if you can build the persona and the sort of attitude of any golfer to take out into the golf course and you could build that into your game. Jason Dufner would have to be pretty high towards the top of that list, because he is just so evenly tampered, he never really seems to get flustered, he never gets too up, and he never gets too down. And I think that is something that we can all work on in our games. I know sometimes I have ruined a decent round of golf by getting too excited you know, you get a couple under your handicap or a couple under par and suddenly you think you are going to shoot course record, you get too excited and then you start making mistakes, but then there is other times when you get so down, so depressed, so angry even that you just make the spiral get worse. If you bogie the first couple of holes, the club starts flying, the swear words starts coming out, and you are never able to turn that game around.

So if you look at someone like Jason Dufner, he looks pretty unflappable, he looks like he is not going to make that many mistakes and he is not going to let those mistaken affect him. So whether he is struggling to make the cut, whether he is back to back birdies and chasing a third or whether he is closing out a tournament and winning a major championship its difficult to look at him and work out how he is playing and that is maybe something we can all take on board, we shouldn’t be as high as a kite, chest puffed out and striding down the fairway when we are doing well, and then we shouldn’t be dragging our bag behind, head down when we are doing badly, we’ve got to try and keep a more even kill, and that’s the way to keep your golf at a more kill. So watch Jason Dufner next time you see him playing on the golf course and see if you can copy his personality, his persona, his characteristics and mannerisms in terms of how he gets himself up or down emotionally during a round of golf. Copy Jason Dufner and your emotions will be more even and so should your golf.