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So, if you're trying to add extra distance to your game and you want to try and hit the ball a little bit further, here's one of my really top tips that will help you generate extra club head speed. If you've got yourself in a good position with your driver and you're setting up nicely, you're turning to the top very well, clearly, the club is going to come down to the golf ball, we want to try and accelerate the club head down as fast as possible.

But it isn't always about bringing the club down quickly with your hands and your arms. Actually, if you can use the big muscles in the center of your body to generate more power, the hands and arms can then work to release the golf club quicker as well, generating a lot more power out here.

So, my good start up position at the top, you should have wound up and turned your belt buckle away from target. A lot of the power that you can generate now is how quickly does this turn back this way? How quickly does my hips and my upper body unwind, and if I can turn my belt buckle to target, with a real kind of snapping motion, the faster I can wind the middle of my body back around, the faster the club head will get pulled down into the golf ball.

So, if you can do a couple of exercises where you just swing to the top and then snap your belt buckle to the left as quickly as possible. You can do it initially without a golf ball and just feel where the power comes in to this. So, it's a nice turn to the top and snap, and the hips go particularly quickly. The hips really lead that swing. It's almost out of sync that the hips are so fast. The hips come round and then the hands catch up. The faster my lower body unwinds, the faster my upper body is pulled down into the golf ball.

So, if you can get the hips going quickly, there's going to be more power in your swing. The last thing you want to do is hit the ball and then feel like your hips release after the event. That does you no favor at all. So, if we can get a nice set up position, spin the hips as quickly as possible on the down swing, then release the club head into the ball, there's going to be extra power.