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Looking at improving your ball striking and centering the balls so it’s coming off the middle of the club phase, rather than the toe of the club is really important to hit in consistent, accurate and long shots. If the ball’s coming off the toe of the club phase, if your grip pressure is quite weak, as the balls strikes the club phase here, the club phase is going to turn and twist, and you will end up pushing the ball out to the right, very weak shot without a lot of distance on it at all. So let’s go through a few tips just to make sure that you do center club into the balls for those better shots.

First of all, double check your distance away from the ball. One reason that that you can be hitting the ball from the toe of the club is you’re actually standing too far away from the ball and stretching too much into the shots. If you’re stretching too much, obviously the club will be presented more to the toe rather than the center. So make sure that the ball is in the middle of the club as you start, and that you have about a hand span gap between the club and your body. The second reason that you may be hitting the ball from the toe of the club, rather than the center of the club, can be to do with your balance. If you’re standing in position and you’re too much on your toes, as you start your swing, you’ll tend to sway back onto your heels if you swing the club back.

And again as you now present the club back down to the ball, if your back on your heels, the club will be closer to you and you’ll hit from the toe of the club again. The final reason you might be hitting from the toe, would be that your hands aren’t coming back into the same position. So as you start, look at your hand position here. Now a good tip here would be, if you put an alignment pole under where you feel your hands are, to give you an idea of where they need to come back, as you strike the ball, if you swing back and then you extend your arms out over that, you would hit more from the heel. But if you pull in and you’re on the inside of that line, you’re going to hit more from the toe. So work on where your hands start, swing away and put your hands back into that position as you hit and that will allow you to hit much more centered shots which will create much more distance and better accuracy.