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Video Transcript

How can knowing my club yardages improve my golf? Well if you know how far you hit the ball that’s massively going to affect your confidence and then your commitment to the shot, so if you know your club yardages its really going to help you to be more positive when you’re on the golf course and when you’re playing your shots, and the more positive and confident you are, the better you’ll play your golf shots. So what I suggest you do, is when you’re at the driving range, or at the practice grounds, take one of your golf clubs you might want to start with your pitching wedge, and maybe hit four to six shots with it, and just notice on average how far that ball goes. So setup to play your shot strike the ball out there focus on having good tempo and good timing rather than hitting it as far as you can, and just average out how far the ball goes.

Then what we do is just take a little note book and then start to write down on your pitching wedge it’s a full swing and how far on average that ball is going. And then just swat to a different club do the same again but you know hit a good half a dozen shots to get a really good average for how far that ball is going. Then when you’re out on the golf course, and you’ve gone through the back and see you’ve written all your yardages down for your clubs now you’re faced with a particular shot if you work out the yardage from the ball to the target, you can now take out your yardage chart look up how far that yardage is on the chart and which club that’s telling you to hit and you’re going to be much more confident that you’ve got the right club in your hands.

So now as you walk into play that shot, and you walk into this area as you’re setting up, you’re going to have much more commitment, much more positivity and confidence that you’re hitting the right club which is going to give you the right outcome. Feeling more confident and more positive about the outcome is going to make you swing the club a lot, a lot better a lot more confidently and you’ll start playing much better golf shots and lowering your scores.