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How can I change my hand action to stop hook and pulls on my golf shot? Now the way that the hands actually move through impact, have a determining factor on what actually happens to the club face. If my hands start to move too quickly, what will happen is that the club face will tend to close and we will tend to hit hooks and shots off to the left-hand side. Now a great way to actually stop this from happening is to keep the hands quiet through the impact area. Now what ‘keeping the hands quiet through the impact area’ means is basically you don’t want to be using them much at all; they become a passenger and you power the swing with the big muscles rather than the hands. Now a great way to kind of practice this; first of all, normally on a kind of normal releasing shot the club travels through, and just after impact the arms will have kind of rotated over each other from this front view and the club face will have turned and followed the correct arc and the correct path through.

However, if you’re becoming too handsy and the club is getting too active, the club will have turned around and it’s closed and that’s what will have caused the hook and the pull shot. So what you can do to actually practice this is practice hitting the ball keeping the hands quiet and actually soaring off the follow through keeping the clubface pointing at the sky. If you can come through the ball and get the clubface pointing up at the sky; the hands will have no hard time to flip, and to turn, and to rotate; that it stayed nice and quiet and the ball will normally fly with a slight kind of fade. However if you are hitting a hook and a pull, if you really exaggerate this, it will probably bring the actual blade of the club back to square at impact. So swing through, hold the clubface up, and pointing up at the sky. And this should tell stop any kind of hooks and pulls that you’re hitting. So the handwork and the hand action through impact is very important, if you want to hit it straight and you want to stop those hooks and the pulls, keep the hand action nice and quite, and you should be able to control the clubface a little bit more.