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Video Transcript

How does a golfer’s height affect their swing type? Well, height really does affect swing type because it will affect the angle that you set the club to the floor, it will affect this angle here with the shaft of the club. If you are a tall player, you’ll tend to set the shaft much more upright and if you’re a shorter player, you’ll set the shaft much flatter and that really dictates the angle that you swing the club around you out. So I can demonstrate here with this hoop, if you’re a taller player and you’re setting the shaft of the club much more upright, you can see that you’ll make a much more upright golf swing. If you set the shaft lower to the floor, you can see that that really affects your swing type because you’ll swing around yourself at a much lower angle. So the height that you are, really affects the angle that you swing the club around you out which is called your swing plane.

So a taller player would have a more upright shaft position and they would swing the club along the target line and then we’d see a much more upright action. Whereas a shorter player will swing the club from a much lower position initially, they’ll swing down the target line and then are much more around themselves an arc away from the target line much more and that’s how height will affect the swing type that you have.