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Video Transcript

Creating more power and distance during a golf swing is something that we’re all looking for. And one of the main ways to do this is to focus on what your head is doing during your golf swing. If you keep your head back behind the ball it’s going to be a much more powerful position and you will be able to create a lot more consistency from that. Going from setup position, in setup, you’d have your weight quite even, 50-50 on both feet. As we swing the club back, we’re going to transfer the weight 60% onto the right foot as we turn the shoulders. Head position is going to stay very stable and it will be just right to the ball as we’re doing that. So swinging onto the right and keeping the weight slightly onto the right side 60%.

As we swing down, we want to shift the weight onto the left side but the one thing we want to focus on here is that the head doesn’t sway over to the left. That’s going to encourage too much weight to go on to the left side and you’re going to sway into the ball causing problems through impact. So swinging to the top with the weight on the right hand side now we’re going to try to get 60% of the weight onto the left but we’re going to keep the head in position to allow the lower body to shift the weight onto the left. The head position will remain behind the ball and then we can release through with a lot of power as we hit the ball. Try keeping your head back on the right hand side of the ball as your right hand golf is looking at the ball and you’ll generate much more power hit much longer shorts.