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What should I change in my golf swing if the ball is below my feet, well here we’ve got this situation, where the ball is below your actual feet and is lower than it usually is, so the first thing you want to do, because the distance between the ball and your shoulders has increased, is to stand a little bit closer to the ball to help you create a better distance between the ball and your shoulders.

You will also want to hold at the full extent of the club again to lengthen as much as possible the distance between your shoulders and the club head, and that’s going to help you strike the ball on the side of the ball from the middle of the club rather than hitting the top of the ball if you haven’t extended that length between the shoulders and the club head. Secondly you want to flex your knees to help you get down to the ball and again lower the shoulder position so that you’re shortening the distance between the ball and your shoulders, so flex the knees a little bit more, hold at the full of extent of the club, this position is going to make you swing slightly more upright than usual.

And what I would suggest you do because depending on the severity of the slope, is only make a three quarter swing and a three quarter back swing. As soon as you start to try and rotate into a fuller position, you’re going to try and fall down the slope and you’ll be off balance. And it’s better to hit a better connection with a three quarter swing, you’ll get more distance and a better golf shot than if you’re trying to make a full swing on it and you end up hitting the top of the ball.

So flex the knees down hold at the full extent and stand slightly closer you’ll make a slightly more upright swing, the effect of that is that the ball is going to now fly left to right, during its flight so again just alter your alignment slightly more left than usual to allow for the left to right flight because of the affect of the slope, and the effect it’s having on your swing. If you take those setup alterations and swing alterations into consideration you’ll start hitting much better golf shots when the ball is below your feet.