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Video Transcript

How can I make my golf bunkers come out higher? Well one really simple way to do that is to make sure that you open the club face up before you hit your golf shot. So to open the club face up its quite simple if you are a right handed player you would normally set your club face so that the club face is aiming directly down the target line, and if you have a look at your golf grip you will find that there is some sort of grip aid on your golf grip. And here I have got the word golf pride which is the grip that I am suing here and it’s written right on the front of the grip. But there is also a little notch at the bottom underneath that which is on all golf grips or you might have a V shaped down at the front of the handle. What you need to do is have a look at that guide that’s there on the front of the golf grip and then just rotate it round to the right if you are a right handed player. So now that that’s rotated off centre to the right the club face is now open and now you will put you would your hands on, and I would suggest you do this outside the bunker because remember when you are playing bunker shots you are not allowed to ground the club head on the sand before you actually play the shot. If you do ground the shot at the club head before you play the shot it’s a one stroke penalty.

So do this outside of the bunker rotate the handle round to the right now place your hands on, its really important you do it in that order, if you place your hands on first as you normally would do and then just turn your hands and the club to the right as you swing back in your hands will return to their original position and the club face would just return back to being square rather than open, which means that there is not as much loft on the club face. So rotate the handle to the right you can see the effect that, that has on the loft on the club rather than playing like this you are now playing like that so it increases the loft on the golf club. And you will be able to hit a much higher bunker shot.

As you have rotated the club to the right and opened the face though the club face will now be aiming over to the right, so it’s became accurate from that position it’s really important you align correctly. So if we take the yellow pole as our alignment line and I rotate the club face to the right the club face is now actually pointing down the – the red alignment pole there. So I have got to realign my feet now to bring the open club face so that it’s aiming back down the yellow line and at the target, so to do that I am just going to rotate my body round so my feet will end up pointing to the left of the target but that now re-aims the club in this open position at the target. If you try that the next time you are in a bunker you should find that you are hitting much higher shots that come out of the sand trap a lot higher and land much more gently on the green allowing you to be pretty accurate and escape the bunkers with ease.