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If you are out there on the golf course and you are playing on windy day undoubtedly you have had those holes where you have played into the wind and it’s been a bit tough and it’s been a bit of a battle. So now you should be getting some down wind holes, where the wind is at your back and you can knock it straight down on to the green. Now it’s those holes that we really want to enjoy, you want to let the ball fly as high as we can and get some maximum distance and enjoy them.

So here’s a couple of little things you could work on to get maximum distance and height. When you Teeing off play the ball on a nice big high Tee peg get at least half the ball sitting over the top of the face of the drive on a big Tee peg. Play the ball right against the front instep of your stance. And really sweep that drive a high up into the air try and launch it and get it running. If you are not confident with your driver take the opportunity of the down wind hole just to have 5 wood or a 3 wood and again strike them well it will hit the ball high enough and far if they will actually lunge out and probably go as far as somebody else’s driver anyway. So if you are not confident drop it down in loft but you won’t lose distance because the wind will keep blowing the ball down there. When you approaching the green again you can take the opportunity that you can hit more lofted irons the distance of normally harder to hit shots. So instead of hitting a tough 4 or 5 irons to a green down wind it might just be a 7 or an 8 iron which should be easier to hit you make a nice smooth swing, the loft pops it up in the air and it blows down onto the green.

The one consideration you got to have is your landing area needs to be different you can’t land the ball next to the flag like you would have done on a still day or an into the wind shot, you need to be landing the ball up the front of even off the green and expecting it to bounce up and roll and roll on, but as long as you allow for the wind correctly all the downward hole should feel like that nice and easy swing nice and smooth don’t try and kill this thing just pop the ball up in the air, let the wind blow it down. Take that down with the holes an advantage because I am sure the into the wind holes are going to play slightly to your disadvantage. Then when Tee high hit it high and enjoy it.