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Video Transcript

How can I hit my golf shots higher and lower to escape trouble? I think here what we are going to look at is setup position, because setup position is really going to dictate the type of swing that you make. And being able to have the adaptability to hit high and low can really get you back into the whole if you’ve got into a bad position when you are out on the golf course. So to hit shots lower what we would want to do is play the golf ball slightly further back in your stance in the usual. That will allow you to connect with the club slightly de-lofted because you are on the down swing. We want to really have the shaft leaning forward, so create a very straight line down your left arm, from your left shoulder, free your hands into the club head. With this straight line and with the ball slightly further back now just lean slightly on to the left side by making sure that your head and your nose position is on the left of the ball and that sets slightly more weight onto the left side. From this position here we are just going to really concentrate on keeping a really straight line along the left arm and the shaft of the club so we are only going to swing to just above waist high that’s the maximum swing if we are hitting a low shot, as we strike we want to be rotating the lower body and the hips but we really want to bring the shaft back into this forward leaning position and then swing through with that straight line, so we don’t want to hinge the wrist a lot during the swing.

So ball back, hands forward, head on the left and keep that straight line so there is no hinge on the wrist. And that really hits a very low trajectory golf shots, so that’s how to hit it low, if we are going to hit it high we do the opposite of that. So as you setup you want the ball slightly further forward than usual and this time we want to set so the weight is quite even or even slightly on the right side we want to make sure that the hands are directly up over the ball so the shaft looks perpendicular to the floor, great tip here is to make sure that you have got the shaft of the club pointing at your belly button and we want to make sure that your head, this time your nose is on the right of the ball and that’s what’s sets you just into your right side. And this time because we are playing a higher shot, we can now hinge the wrist and then as we swing through turn the lower body and make a full follow through. So hands over the top of the ball that is just slightly putting more loft onto the club face, we have got the head on the right slightly more weight on the right side hinge the wrist as you swing back and swing through and that gives us a higher ball flight, for softer landing shot. So if you take on board those setup position tips, it will really put you in a good position to swing from, and then you will see that you are able to control the trajectory of the ball and adapt to the situation that you are in when you are out on the golf course.