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How can I hit more greens in regulation? Now to hit more greens in regulation your journey will start from back on the tee. You’ve got to be able to hit a decent drive and a decent tee-shot to put yourself into position on the fairway to actually attack a pin or attack a green. Your greens and regulation statistics will actually dip if you’re hitting shots from out of the trees or out of the rough. The journey to hit more greens in regulation will start on the tee. Now there are a few things you can do with your technique to ensure that you hit the ball straighter and hit the ball with more consistency. Now a lot of players when they’re on the tee when they’re on the fairway have a very, very, long back swing and a very, very fast rhythm to try and hit the ball as far as possible. To hit the ball straighter however you can focus on shortening the swing length and as you’re just slowing the swing the rhythm down, so it’s a little bit slower and you can actually control the club face a little bit more.

Now an easy way to do this is I’ve got a 7-iron here. Take a normal set up, so my 7-iron just forward of center into a lovely solid posture position but what I’ll concentrate on is just taking the club back three quarters in length swinging through, stopping three quarters in length, but also slowing my swing rhythm down. Now my normal 7-iron which will fly about 170 in the air; this will reduce the distance so I’ll only be able to hit it about 160 yards. However I’ll have more control over the flight, over the trajectory and over the direction of the shot. So I’m taking just a normal step up and get into a nice solid posture, where there’s going to be a three quarter swing, with a nice smooth rhythm. And that’ll give me a little bit more control over the ball and hit it straighter.

Now the one thing you don’t want to be doing if you’re hunting for more greens in regulation is to attack every pin. If a pin is tucked behind a bunker on the green, aim for the middle. If the pin is in the middle of the green, then fantastic you can go straight at it but use good course management to hit good tee-shots away from danger and then if a pin is in a dangerous spot in the green use good course management to find the middle of the green and give you a good chance of a long birdie putt or a solid two putt par. So control your swing length, control your swing rhythm and think your way around the course better to achieve more greens in regulation.