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Now here’s a great question and I’ll be honest with you I don’t think I’m the right guy to answer this question, the question is; how do or why do some golfers read their putts using the plumb bob method? Now the plumb bob method is where you hold the top of the club and this gives you a vertical line like a plumb bob. And the reason I say that I’m not necessarily the best guy to answer this question is because I’ve never been able to use this method to any decent level of satisfaction and I don’t know many people that can use this method. And there seems to be no scientific reason or good explanation for how this method works.

And I think you only have to look at the PGA Tour to realize that nobody out there playing a decent golf or certainly good putters out on the PGA Tour is really using this method to any great deal of satisfaction. The science behind it or the explanation I’ve been given when I’ve questioned people before is that they feel that when they do this, this gives them a vertical then they can read the level of the green as a horizontal off the vertical axis.

So they would get themselves down nice and low but have the ball here the hole here, they hold the club down and they have the vertical line of the putt, they can then read the level of the green as a horizontal. Now you can see I’m not particularly comfortable with this method, I don’t think it works great. Firstly, depending on where I turn my putter this angle isn’t always vertical. I’m very -- finding it very difficult to hold this still the wind is blowing it around a little bit, and even when I’ve got a true vertical, I don’t see how that gives me a great good -- a really good chance of actually reading the surface of the green.

So, that’s what people are doing, that’s why they are doing it. But if I’m completely honest, it doesn’t work for me. Now if it works for you, great, no worries if you hole more putts, that’s the name of the game. But if you see somebody plumb bobbing, please go over ask them how they are doing it, why they’re doing it and if you can learn from them great but it’s not a technique that I would endorse at the moment.