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How can I hit a draw with my golf driver? Now hitting the draw with the driver is often one of the most difficult shots in golf because it takes a tricky combination of factors to come together to produce a lovely right to left ball flight. One thing you can do though is alter your setup and alter your technique to try and make it that little bit more possible. Normally on a normal driver setup, you got the target line that the ball sits upon. Then you got your feet, your knees, your hips and your shoulders, all lined up parallel to that line. And that should help create a slightly inside to square, to inside swing path. Now with a square clubface at the point of impact, that’s going to produce a nice straight shot. To alter yourself to help hit the draw, you want this club to be moving slightly inside to out across the target line, and you want that clubface to be slightly close to that path, but still slightly open to the target line. Now you could alter your setup to help make that one achievable; namely, altering the feet, the knees the hips and the shoulders to aim slightly off to the right of the target. Now what this will do, this will cause the swing path to now travel into out across the target line.

Now if you are to hit a ball like this, is just going to go straight off to the right hand side, so you need to make sure that that clubface is slightly more close than it otherwise would be. There’s a couple of was of doing that, but the easiest way is to alter the group and make it a little stronger. To make it a little bit stronger, see at least three knuckles on the left hand, and only one knuckle on the right hand that the V is created by the thumb and the fore finger. Try and get them pointing outside the right shoulder. And this will effectively help close the clubface a little bit more than usual. So you get the combination of a slightly close actual alignment with the feet, the knees, the hips to the shoulders, a slightly close clubface in relation to the swing path and that should produce a little bit of a right to left movement. Using these alterations, you shouldn’t really even have to adapt the clubface much with the hands through impact. But it should just fly there on its own accord.

So if you can alter your technique and give that a go, you’ll take a little bit of practice on the driving range first before you can take it onto the course. But it should enable you to hit that slide right to left shot and that little draw with the driver.