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Video Transcript

This is a question that I often get asked a lot by golfers in the lessons that I teach them is, is what club should I chip with? And there isn’t really a right or wrong answer to this. So can I chip with a 6-iron? Well, yes you can. You can pretty much use any club you like to chip with, because the important thing with the chip shot is understanding how high it goes and how far it rolls and the ratio of those two things.

So if you’ve got a shot on the golf course that doesn’t need to go very high but it does need to roll a long way, then a 6- iron might be the perfect club to use for that particular shot. If you’ve got a ball that needs to go high over a bunker land and stop quickly before it rolls off the other side of the green, clearly your 6-iron is not the right club for that shot and it shouldn’t be used in that situation. But if you need a little bump and run as we would call it or a chip and run, then a 6-iron would be fine. It’s important the way you play it though, you don’t stand and play it like a normal 6-iron, you play it very much like a chip, like you would do with a wedge. So we will play a narrow stance. We would play the ball around about the centre of the feet, gripping down on the golf club to shorten the club and feel like you’ve got a lot more control. Position your body weight a lot more to your left-hand side so you feel like you’re on your front foot for the right-handed golfer, and then make a small backwards and forwards chipping action. But this chipping action could also be described as looking quite like a putting action, because generally, you’re not going to hit the 6-iron very far, you’re going to nudge it forwards and roll it pretty – a putt. So if you wanted to employ a sort of shoulder’s rocking action like a putting stroke that would be fine. Quite a quite lower half we’re not doing a lot of legs, we’re certainly not following through and we’re really not using a lot of wrist hinge so very much like a putting stroke.

So setting up to the golf ball, nudging it backwards and forwards like a long putt and watching how the ball comes down on to the green and releases to the hole. So there’s my set up, a little bit of body weight left, put it forwards and see how the 6-iron hits the ball, maybe only 10 or 11 feet in the air but there might be another 30 or 40 feet of roll. It takes a little bit of experience to get used to how far this does roll, because if you’re currently chipping with a pitching wedge or a sand wedge or a lob wedge, you’re used to seeing the ball fly high and stop. So this will not stop very quickly, it will land short and run all the way. Then answer to the question, ‘Can you use your 6-iron to chip?’ Absolutely you can and you should in certain circumstances. Give it some practice and see how that helps improve your skills.