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If you want to find the richest guys on the PGA Tour, you won't go far wrong if you start looking at the Greens in Regulation stats. Look at the table of who hits the most greens in regulation. You'll often find the guys that are winning the most money, winning the most tournaments. Greens in regulation is the stat that says on a par 4 a player should be on the green in 2 shots. On a par 5 a player should be on the green in 3 shots, and on the par 3, the player should be on the green in 1 shot.

And you might incorporate your handicap into that greens in regulation. So let's say you're an 18 handicap golf so that will give you 1 stroke per hole. So on a par 4, a green in regulation fee would actually be 3 shots. If you're on the greens in regulation taking your 2 putt, you play a regulations around the golf to handicap. So how do you hit more greens in regulation? Well, the first thing would be good off the tee because it's much easier to hit that green in regulation if you haven’t had to chip out sideways from the trees first.

So if you're hitting those tee shots into the fairway to give you a look of the green in regulation. You've then got to make sure that you're using enough club. The classic case for most club golfers and by most club golfers I mean you, you are most club golfers. You'll be leaving a majority of your shots off the green. Most people want to ask me you know how far do you hit 7? No I have my 7 iron about 160, and they might have had that 7 iron 161s, but believe me they don’t hit at that distance regularly. The problem is they think they do so if 160 out on the golf course they're hitting a 7 iron, they're landing short off the green, short off the green is where the golf course designer where the greenkeeper has put the hazards, the bunker, the water, the down slopes.

So actually landing the ball shorter, the front of the green is the biggest reason why people are missing greens in regulation. So don’t be too much about this. Take one club extra. Take the 6 iron instead of 7 iron. Knock it up to the middle or even the back of the green. There's nothing wrong with the back of the green. Most times it will be slope top. There will be less danger at the back of the green. Play to the back of the green and then put back.

When you're playing onto the green, don’t force it. Don’t chase the pin. Quite often the pin would be tucked in behind the bunker or a narrow water hazard, and if you start chasing that pin that might be the way to make birdie, but it’s a short five way to make bogey or double as well. So if your aim is just to improve your greens in regulation don’t be drawn by the stuck a pin positions. Aim for the center of the green. Knock it on from there, and then take 2 putts. Try to your next round of golf. Change up a club every single time when you're playing into the green. Promise me you'll take one more club and take no notice of where the flag is ever on the green.

Aim for the center of the green with your extra club, knock it on and see whether your scores are improved in terms of green in regulation that will help you then make you few more putts, and that will help your scores come down.