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How can I hit a wedge shot into firm greens? Now firm greens are difficult to hit lofted shots into because instead of stopping quickly, it actually hits the green and then rolls out a little bit more so this needs to be taken into consideration. However when hitting into firm greens with wedges getting the square club face at impact at a slightly descending blow will actually create backspin and get the ball stopping as quickly as it possibly can. Now to hit a square faced wedge shot with lots of backspin, use this technique and set up and actually strike down and through the ball creating the maximum amount of backspin you actually can. So use a high lofted wedge. So like this is a sand wedge here I’m going to set my feet and my hips slightly open preset in the impact position. I’m going to put a little bit of weight on the front foot. I’m going to hold my hand slightly ahead of the ball and I’m going to keep the club face square to my target.

Now as you’re square to the target, as I come into the ball, I want to hit square to my target as well. That’s going to catch the ball flush and get it spinning as much as it possible can. So I set my feet and my hips open up, I put a little bit of weight on my front foot, I’ve put my hands just ahead of the ball and I’m going to strike down and through this ball quite hard. I want to be generating lots of backspin if I possibly can. So you taking away down and through with a square club face generated as much backspin as I can. Now it would be a mistake to assume on a firm green that when it lands it’s going to stop very quickly even if you hit a perfect wedge shot. Just allow for a little bit of roll so we can actually hit the green maybe have some check on it but then actually roll out towards the pin. You don’t want to be flying the ball straight at the pin on firm green because the chances are it will pitch, it will land and then it will roll away from the flag leaving you with a tricky put of a par all birdie. Its better giving yourself that little bit of lee way landing the ball short and just letting it roll out of the pin. So use that technique strike down and through with a square club face that will allow yourself that little bit of leeway from where the ball pitches to where it rolls out to.