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So as we're now focused on trying to hit more greens in regulation, there’s quite a little bit that goes into your sort of pre-shot routine, your pre-shot assessments of the shot you've got to try and get onto the green that we need to consider. The first and most common thing that a golfer will understand is how far away they are. So we’ll stand behind the golf ball to look at the distance on then assess how far they've got to go. They might have a distance measuring device or a laser range finder that can help them something like that to determine how far they've got to go. And that will initially point to a rough idea of club selection. We could then also consider what the wind direction is doing, because that can quite severely affect how far the shot will fly and therefore your club making decision.

So if you're playing into the wind and it's a very strong wind, we might consider we need one or even two clubs more. Likewise if it's a tail wind, we could hit less club into the green, we could go down by a couple. If it's a strong cross wind, that might affect where we're aiming. So the distance we’re going and the wind direction will affect the club selection. One more thing that might also help us or hinder us in fact is actually the lie of the golf ball. If we get down here and we appreciate the ball is in a particularly awkward line, maybe it's in a very grassy line, that will affect your ability to hit that green in regulation and could affect the club making decisions. So your pre-shot routine, you need to be standing behind the golf ball looking down your target line thinking about distance, thinking about wind direction, and thinking about the lie of the ball. Also you can make the right club choice to make the right decision to get the ball on that green in regulation.