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How can I get more spin from a bunker? Now when you’re playing from a bunker to generate more back spin, you need to be taking only a very fine layer of sand from underneath the ball. The less sand you take, the more chance the clubface has to act on the sand, and the sand to act on the ball and generate the backspin. If you take a lot of sand from underneath the ball, it will come out without any backspin at all, land on the green and then roll out. Now that’s not a bad shot to play if the pin is quite a long way away but if the pin is quite closer to the bunker you need to get it up very high, very quickly and get it stopping very quickly. You need to take as little of sand as possible. Now to take a little sand as possible, we need to take a high lofted wedge, we need to open up the club and then we need to open up the stance until the leading edge is pointing at the actual target.

Now, to get the ball higher, that could mean the clubface is pointing pretty much all the way up at the sky and the stance is a long way open to the target. It can be a little bit disconcerting to begin with and it will take a little bit of practice. So we open the clubface, we open the stance, we grip down the club just a little for more control but to generate the backspin we realize full swing and lots and lots of speed through impact, just entering the sand before the ball, clipping it away very, very finely. Now it will take a little bit of practice like I said, and it also will take a little bit of confidence to swing through at this speed. So the clubface is open, and the stance is open, I’m going to take a nice, full wrist hinge in the back swing and then swing through very, very quickly. Just clipping the ball away off the very top of the sand, taking a very, very fine layer of sand with it.

Now on a lot of circumstances, striking down on the ball will generate quite a lot more backspin. However, in this situation, if you try and strike down on the ball too much, you could take too much sand and the ball will come out with no backspin at all. If you strike the ball cleanly, you’re going to get an incredible amount of distance and probably fly the ball a long way over the green. So don’t dig down, sweep a fine layer of sand from underneath the ball, lift it up high and hopefully watch it stop very, very quickly.