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How can I hit wedges into soft greens? Now when hitting wedges into soft greens you need to understand that when the ball pitches, it will either stop exactly where it pitches maybe roll in a touch but it will more than likely have a little bit of back spin on there as well if it’s a well struck shot. So you need to kind of bear these things in mind when you’re actually playing your shot into the green. It won’t have very much roll so you need to be pitching it around the way you want it to actually finish. Now in hitting wedge shots into a soft green, you can actually reduce the amount of backspin you put on the ball by just adapting the technique. So if it’s a very soft green and then you’re worried about the ball pitching and spinning back too far, you can actually reduce the amount of backspin you put in on the ball. Now the best way to do that is take a lot of the wrist hinge out of the actual technique. Although normal pitching technique, the feet and the hips slightly open the weight will be slightly forward on the front foot and the hands will be slightly ahead of the ball.

I’ve got this ball position pretty much in the middle of my stance here and as I take the club back I’m not going to wrist hinging my wrist very much so I’m not going to be generating a massive amount of backspin. I’m going to be taking the club away and just powering the shot with my shoulders. So I’m going to power them with my shoulders, take it back not hinge my wrists, keep the club in my arms relatively straight. Now what that will actually do is it will reduce the amount of backspin on the ball and it will hopefully get the ball stopping pretty much where it pitches. So feet and hips slightly open ball position in the centre, weight slightly forward on my front foot and I’m going to be swinging it back powering the shot with my shoulders and not hinging my wrists.

So it will still generate a little bit of backspin, but it won’t be enough to get the ball ripping off the green. The one thing you don’t want to do when playing into a soft green is to allow for lots and lots of roll. If you so allow for lots of roll and you pitch it at the front of the green and then the pins at the back of it stops, then you’ve left yourself a very hard pot for a birdie and possibly you’ve opened up the chance of a three pot boogie. So when you’re around the greens and you’re pitching into soft greens just try and take some of the backspin of the ball and try and get the ball to land where you actually want it to finish this will hopefully get you with a good opportunity to make par or hopefully if you’ve had a good couple of shots in a par-5 hopefully a birdie as well.