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Most golfers want to hit more fairways in a round of golf, so this next question and tip is really designed of you know what technique can I use to make sure I hit more fairways? And there is a couple of different options. The first thing is make sure you are very precise with your alignment, that sounds obvious but looking down there we’ve got quite a big fairway to aim for and if I just aim somewhere on the fairway I'm not being precise enough, I get lazy with my alignments, I get lazy with my visualization.

It’s much better for you to pick an individual stripe or an individual tree and say that’s exactly where I'm aiming so be quite with your alignments. Then to hit more fairways consider leaving the driver in the bag a little bit more regularly, because a driver has so little loft it creates a huge amount of opportunity for the ball to curve in the air, side spin some people would call it, it curves from one side or another.

As soon as you add some loft you create a little bit more back spin that makes it harder for the ball to curve in the air and the ball will fly straighter. So my driver at 9.5 degrees will curve more than my three would at 15 degrees or my hybrid club at 19 degrees. So more loft equals straighter shots equals more fairways. One other thing that might just consider doing to create a little bit more accuracy is just taking the top inch out of every club, just gripping down.

So holding down on the club makes the club a little bit easier to control, takes the power away a little bit as well, so you’ll find that if a ball was curving off line and if it goes another 20 yards it’s going to miss the fairway by gripping down, I lose 20 yards, I'm suddenly on the fairway. So holding down the club easier to control and easier to keep straight. So gripping down on the golf club, using less drivers on the golf course and focusing a little accurately on your alignment they’re three great tips to hit more fairways the next time you play.