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Video Transcript

How can I learn from the pros in order to hit longer golf drives? Now when you’re watching the professionals you’ll notice that they do hit the ball further than most amateur golfers. However, there are quite a few who will only hit the ball what would be considered an average distance. That’s because professionals know that distance isn’t the only thing that matters. It’s a case of getting the distance and the control working in harmony together. However, there are a few things that the professionals do that most amateurs can try and emulate to get that little bit more distance, mainly the way that they turn and rotate their body; throughout the golf swing. Now, the first thing you’ll notice with most professional golfers is that they will stand to the ball, pretty much in the same setup with the weight nice and even on each foot, the ball positioned just inside the left heel, and the stance and the posture are very, very solid.

As they turn away with the body, the shoulders rotate until it turns 90 degrees in relation to the target, in relation to the actual ball here. But it turns 90 degrees until the middle of the back points down towards the target. This is a full shoulder turn and a nice rotation. And as you’re doing this you’ll notice how the lower half of the body stays nice and steady. It will turn a little bit, the hips will open slightly, but it won’t relax and fly open. This will cause a player to lose quite a lot of control. So, the shoulders turn fully into this position here. Now, on the way down is a role reversal it’s the hips which the professionals power. So, it’s a slight bump to the left hand side which get’s the weight shifting, and then it’s the hips that turn through the ball. If you can try and emulate those two body rotations you’ll be able to actually whip the club through with a lot more power.

So you can get a setup, a nice wide solid stance just outside the shoulder with the ball just inside the left heel. You want to get in that big rotation of the upper body keeping the lower half steady and on the way down bumping those hips towards the target and really rotating and letting the rest of the body fall into place. And if you can get everything moving in the right order, you can practice this with a slow swing and then gradually speed it up, you’re going to be hitting a lot more distance. Now, there are lots of other things you can learn from other professionals to actually hit longer drives, but use those two body rotations to practice and hopefully you’ll see an increase in distance.