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How does the design of a hybrid golf club inspire more confidence? Now a hybrid golf club is invented to be a combination of a long iron and a fairway wood. Now what that means is in comparison to a long iron we have a nice wide smooth sole which will cut through the grass with ease, and a nice amount of perimeter weighting that will cause off centre strikes to still rise up into the air and go down towards the target. Now that knowledge in itself is enough to inspire more confidence to enable you to actually just get set up, just swing this club at the ball, and no matter where it comes out, the face that slightly out the heel, it’s still going to lift up and it’s still going to go down towards where you want it to be.

Now there are different kinds of designs of different hybrids, I’ve got here my Thomas Golf hybrid and this is more inspiring the most because it’s got a nice square leading edge, this plaids into the line and technology, so if I drop it down behind the ball, it will automatically sits square to my target line. So this will automatically build my confidence and where I’m aiming. So this kind of piled and aligned and matched up with the fact that I can just throw this club into the ball and I know that it should rise up into the air. So if you haven’t had chance yet to actually try a hybrid golf club, get down to a shop contact Thomas Golf, get yourself a hybrid and see what benefits it can actually bring you.