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How can you putt better on bumpy golf greens? Now this is particularly up for me today because the green I've chosen to use today is actually just had its winter treatment, it started to be sort of spiked up and [Inaudible] [0:00:24] unfertilized and it's incredibly bumpy. And if you have watched a few more of these videos in this putting series, you’ll appreciate that some of them that roll towards the hole have bumped off a little bit. And some of them have actually gone wider the hole and bumped back in again, so I’ll take those as positives. But I think how can you improve your putting on these greens. There is only really two things that we can try and do, one is stay positive and one stay patient. In terms of your actual stroke you can't really do much because you can't control what you can't control. You can control this putting surface, so there is nothing you can do in your stroke to achieve that.

All you can do is keep putting good putts in the right area on the right line, be nice and positive on what happens on the surface happens on the surface. And I think you then have to be just patient, you can't get too upset with this. It's going to be the same for everybody, if everyone is playing on the same bumpy greens on that day; it is the same for everybody. Just an example and I'm going to hit these 3-putts down, I'm going to hit them all just on the right lip of this hole because that's pretty much the line. And we’re going to see how they react differently. So if I can roll them down towards this right lip, I'm going to try be nice and positive, give them a chance to go past the hole and then stay nice and patient as well.

So that one bubbled a little bit but not too badly, that was just down the left side. So let's say maybe a bit more right. Now we’re staying positive -- yeah we got a good one, it didn’t break too much that time, it didn’t bubble too much and it wins it. Now it's in positive right lip, give it a good roll taking a huge bubble, got to about here and deviated massively left. But as long as I keep putting balls in the right zone, in the right area, I can't be too frustrated with that, I can't be too upset with that. Like I said before, occasionally I've had a bad putt that’s gone wide off the hole and returned back in, and occasionally like the last one though I’ve hit a great putt that’s turned way too much. Sometimes like the second one, it stays true and rolls in. So to putt better on bumpy greens, stay positive and stay patient.