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How can I get my golf chip shots to run and release more on the green? Now the first thing you need to consider when you are hitting a chip and run shot is what club that you are actually going to use. Because if for example you use a sand wedge the ball will come out with more height and a lot more spin and will therefore have less release once it actually lands. So if you are considering a chip and run shot always go for the lowest loft option. Something which is just going to get the ball landing on the green and then rolling out to hole like a putt.

Now for this demonstration on How To Hit A Chip Shot, I have a 7 iron which will send the ball out very low and get it running very very quickly along the green, there won’t be much backspin when it actually lands. Now another thing you can do to make the actual ball run and release more naturally and not check up and grab is make some adjustments to the setup and the swing. The first thing you want to be doing again, if it is nice and close together the hips and the feet slightly opens to the target, the club set behind and the ball position, middle or towards the back of the stunts. The further towards the back of the stunts you go the lower the ball will fly. After you got the set up position, put a little bit more weight, on the front foot about 60% to 70% and just get the hands resting opposite the left thigh.

Is this position that you want to be returning to at impact. To further take out any chance of check on the ball, move the club back using the big muscles of the shoulders and the arms, don’t be tempted to hinge the wrist as this will put a little bit more backspin onto to the ball. So after you taken the set up use the big muscles to take the club away and then as you finish, keep all wrists flicking out of the actual shot as well. So How To Hit A Chip Shot just pick your club wisely, alter your technique and use the bigger muscles and you should see the ball release and rolled out a lot more consistently on the green.