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How can I hit the green when short sided? Now a short sided shot is when you’ve hit a tee shot say on a par four, you’ve left yourself for example to the left of the hole and the pin is cut to the left of the green behind a horrific looking bunker. Now that’s short siding yourself because it’s a very difficult shot to get it up over the bunker and get it stopping very very close to the pin. In this situation you need to think the shot through very clearly and take your medicine. If that pin is to your left behind the bunker and you're hitting over that bunker almost take the pin out of consideration and aim for the middle of that green. In some situations you might’ve short sided yourself when you put yourself behind a tree and the pin is directly behind the tree and the tree stands in your way.

In this situation if you're capable of bending the shot around the tree and going for the green it won't be the worst idea in the world. However sometimes when you short side yourself just hit it out sideways and put yourself in a better position to get the ball on the green in the next shot. A big mistake many people make is when they short side themselves is just to go for every single shot. Now going for every single shot when you’ve short sided yourself could land you in that bunker, could hit that ball straight into that tree and this will cause more and more problems on the next shot and then on the next shot and then on the next shot. All of a sudden on a shot where you might be a little bit inconvenienced by that bunker you could suddenly find yourself taking a six or a seven and ruining your score card. So when you are short sided think the shot through if the pin is tied behind the bunker or what has it, go for the middle of the green if there's trees in the way play safe use good course management and don’t rack up a nightmare score. Play safe, get yourself back in the game.