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How can I get more spin on my golf chip shots? Now when you are chipping the ball around the green you want to get a nice clean contact and a little bit of backspin so when the ball lands on the green you can get a bit of grab and a little bit of check. Now with that grab and with that check comes what every golfer wants which is control of the golf ball. If you can control the golf ball from just off the green when it lands you will be in a massively better situation than if you can't control where the ball goes and it’s firing out across the green.

Now to make sure you get the best amount of spin you need to make sure your setup is correct your impact factors are correct and you have the correct loft on your club to begin with. Now with a correct loft I'm using a 56 degree here but a 52 or 56 or a lob wedge they are going to produce the best amount of spin. Also you need the grooves to be nice and clean and the ball to be nice and soft. Now with the setup we want to be seeing the feet quite close together ball position in the middle of the stance, the weight pushed onto the front foot about 60% and those weight those hands sorry just ahead of the ball opposite the left thigh.

Now if you can keep this position you will notice that the shaft is angled my left arm and my right arm and my shoulders form a triangle. Now what I'm going to do here I'm going to turn the shoulders back maintaining the triangle in the same position turn it back through to the same position I was addressed with my feet and my hips slightly open to the target and then move that through again impact. Now what this is going to do it’s going to strike the ball cleanly but it's also going to enable the loft of that club to interact with the ball.

If I was to move it a little bit further back in my stance use my wrist a little bit too much, I'll be able to hit a relatively clean contact on the ball, but because the actual loft is going to be very low it's going to fire out very low and bound on across the green. You want to be producing the right impact factors and what that means is a good amount of loft on the club with a slightly descending blow. So the feet and hips slightly open ball position in the middle shoulder square to the target line hands just ahead moving the shoulders back and through maintaining that triangle and trying to keep the wrists out of the shot. And if you can do that and you can get those factors working together you are going to be able to produce a lot more spin around the green and get a lot more control of that golf ball.