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Okay, so a lot of people don't like going into the bunker, but there are so many bunkers on the golf course. At some stage you're going to go into the bunker so let me go into the bunker. Sometimes the sand is deep and sometimes the sand is not so deep depending on weather conditions and so and so forth, so what I'm going to do is tell you from that a little bit about pre-shot routine here so you can actually test the depth for the sound, and then basically told you how to play the shot. So imagine going into the bunker, first of all just regal your feet in gently, and if you find that the feet I'm going in into any, anymore than that, then just you haven’t got an awful lot of sand there have you?

If you haven't got a lot of sand there, there's going to be not as much resistance as a normal bunker shop. So what we want you to do from there is to set yourself up over that ball. Remember the weight is 60-40 on that left hand side, and from this position here hover the club behind the ball. Run about an inch from there swing the club back. Remember you're standing higher than on the sand what you would have been doing because there isn’t so much sand.

And from there swing the club back left arm straight, and your left wrist is hinging, and then from there execute down. I think the most important thing here on this shot is to focus on that hitting area. Keep that heads in the central position. You've got your feet just on the sand and that's how you play as a bunker shot with just a little bit of sand. But what if you go on that bunker, and I feel almost disappeared completely it's different, different golf shot altogether. This time your feet is going to become very, very deep but basically we got a lot of sand now.

We've got a lot of resistance so let's pull that. Let's move that ball. We got to get a little bit earlier contacts. From here, we've still got the 60-40. We've shifted the weight and the ball position back and from here we got to take that club. We got to take that club back and we're going to execute very, very hard into the sand. Lots of club had speed here okay remember there's lots of sand. There's lots of resistance if we swing the club at the same speed is the shallow one we're going to end up club coming to the sand decelerating and the ball not coming out of the bunker so the club has speed is vital. A good tip here what I work on my bunker shots is imagine that ball is the yoke of a fried egg. So we all know what the white is like.

Don't go anywhere near the yoke. Just imagine how big that egg white would be with the yoke in the middle rather than saying it 1 inch behind the ball, 2 inch behind the ball. Look at that egg white to the shot and come into that egg white that way there's no chance that you coming and catching that ball first and if you do, you know what's going to happen, straight into that face. And from there you're going to need a harder bunker shot, so but that was covered both bunker shots, shallow sound, deep sound, go and practice this. And if you were to find yourself you're struggling a little bit of it. Just call out the PGA Pro. Go and have a lesson with him. He'll have you play these bunker shots in no time.