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Video Transcript

How can I play golf shots from bare lies? Well here it’s a really important to get setup correctly to generate a downward strike. What we want to do with the bare lie is get the club head striking down, hitting the ball first, and then striking the ground afterwards. And that’s going to give you a really clean strike and get the ball up into the air and you will be able to play bare lies with no problem if you do that. The way to setup in order to do that is place the club head on the right of the ball if you are a right handed golfer, lean the shaft forward so we have got the hands onto the left of the ball as you are looking down on the ball and we have got the shaft aiming over at the left side here. We want to create a straight line down the left arm from the left shoulder extend that line down into the shaft and we need to make sure that your head is positioned correctly so look for your nose position, being on the left side of the golf ball. This will set slightly more weight on to your left side and as you swing back you will just pick the club head up a little bit steeper than normal so that now you can swing down quite steeply and strike the ball and then the tuff and that will allow to hit a very clean shot.

Great practice drill to help you cope with bare lies is if you take a coin and you just place it onto the floor you want to work on just striking that coin, if you just catch the ground before the coin what will happen if you hit the ground and if you are on a bare lie you won’t dig into the tuff, you will bounce up off the tuff and you will now hit the top of the golf ball so you will hit a very low shot. Also you won’t hit as far with that shot because the club head speed has been transferred into the ground rather than the ball. So the coin really is representing the golf ball for you and because it’s only a couple of millimeters high, if you do strike the ground first you won’t hit, hit the coin at all whereas you would hit the top of the golf ball. So with those setup positions where we have got the hands forward, we have got the forward lean and the shaft, we have got the head on the left of the coin or the ball, we are going to swing back, hit the coin and then hold the follow through position. And if you really work hard on that coin drill and then pop the ball in, you will be able to hit off bare lies very cleanly and crisply, and you will see that you are hitting some great golf shots when you are out on the course.