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How can I get my golf wedges closer? So with this tip we’re going to have a look at getting you to hit really crisp wedge shots so that you’ll be able to fly them into the green really attack the pin and set yourself up for a one putt opportunity. And the way to do that is to get a downward striking action with the club head into the ball. If you strike down with the club head you’re going to hit the ball correctly off the correct part of the club face you’re going to see a really high flighted shot and you’ll have a lot more distance control because more consistently you’ll hit the same length. If you’ve got the club hitting the ground before the ball, then a lot of the club head speed is going to get transferred into the ground and the ball won’t fly as far. So if you’re doing that sometimes and then on the next shot you’re hitting the ball quite crisply you’re going to see a lot of distance variation and you’re not really going to know how far you hit your wedges.

So here’s a great tip to get your hitting so that you hit the ball and then strike the turf and if you do that consistently you’ll hit the ball a consistent distance. To get that downward strike what I will do is just take a coin place it onto the ground and then we’re just going to practice striking down onto that coin. Now obviously the coin is only a couple of millimeters off the ground so it’s going to make you really consistent. If you hit the ground first you’ll find that the club bounces up and you don’t hit the coin at all because obviously the clubs bounced off the floor and with the coin will only be in a couple of millimeters off the ground you’ll travel over it rather than strike it. If the club’s not low enough at all because the coin is only a couple of millimeters high, yes you would have hit the golf ball but you’ve have only caught the upper part of the golf ball. That will now give you a low flighted shot and its again going to give you a different distance and a different outcome making it difficult to hit close to the flag.

So to hit your wedges closer play the ball from the centre of your feet, just pull your left foot back if you’re a right handed golfer pull it back about four inches and then just turn your toe towards the target rotate your knee towards the target this will help you turn your hips through the shot making it easier to play the shot. So that the shaft of the club so its leaning forward so we’ve got the hands forward and we want to make this downward striking action. So what we’re going to work on is just hinging the wrist so the club head just starts to rise as we swing back and then strike down on the coin. And if you’re doing that you’ll start to see that you’ve got a really, really good connection you’ve struck down, the coins moved, you’re in the right place because the coin is just representing the ball. Once you can do that consistently you can then reintroduce the ball, you may even play the ball off the top of the coin and see if you can still hit the coin but once you can do it consistently you’ll start to hit some beautiful wedge shots that will really start to attack the pin and lower your scores when you’re out on the course.