Video Series

Video Transcript

I seem to spend an awful lot of time talking to golfers about alignment, so clearly it must be a fairly big issue in people’s golf so when they are setting up to the golf ball, they are not actually aiming where the golf ball should be going, they are not aiming where they should be, and that’s going to cause problems with their golf and sometimes for golfers, they compensate by making swing faults or swing changes to compensate for bad alignment.

Now, when we talk about alignment, a lot of the times it’s a simple case of laying your club on the ground, standing with your feet square to that club and hitting in the correct target line and if only it was that simple, it would be that easy, but golfers are strange breeds. What we tend to do with golfers, is make the game more difficult for ourselves and some golfers bring in all the faults, all the issues. So we get a golfer who has got his feet pointing in the right direction and then he has got his hips pointing over here, or his hips pointing over here.

Now, we often see golfers are trying to tweak their body over their hips back to what they feel more comfortable doing, rather than just trusting the alignment of the feet, they are opening and closing their hips, which in turn is straightening and bending different legs as they try to get their hips to point on line or what they perceive to be on line. So we should have the toes, the knees, the hips, the shoulders, pretty much all pointing down the standard straight line, parallel left of our target for hitting good straight shots as a right-handed golfer.

But if a golfer has an issue with aiming the hips either open or closed to the target line, then that could have a massive knock-on effect. So in this next little miniseries of videos, we are going to look at how your hip alignment can get out of kilter and how your hip alignment when it’s not right, can affect the way you hit the golf ball.