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How can I stop thinning my golf shots? One of the main reasons that you’ll be hitting a thin golf shot, that’s just a miss hit where the club hits the upper part of the ball, and the ball flies low. And the main reason for thinning golf shots is grip pressure; you’ll be holding the club too tightly. So it’s really important that once you’ve got your hands on the club you’re holding at the correct pressure. If you start to squeeze the club, as you squeeze and you’re making a fist you’ll be able to feel all the muscle in your fore arm, is getting tight and it is in all the way up into the shoulder.

As your muscles work and tighten, they actually shorten. So even though you have effectively started with the club touching the floor, as soon as you squeeze the club rather than holding it, effectively, you’ve shortened the length of your arms so the distance between your shoulders and the club head is shortened, and the club head is pulled up away from the floor. And that will now cause you to hit the top of the golf ball and to thin the shot. So the main thing you want to do is focus on being a little bit more relaxed and your hands being a bit softer. So if you squeeze it tightly as you can, and we call that, a 10, now just drop that to five, and then just a little bit softer, just to a four, that’s the correct pressure that you should have in your hands, so now you’re holding the golf club rather than squeezing it.

So if you set up to hit your shots, if you now squeeze tight, that’s a ten, halve it to five, a little bit less to four and then just play with that pressure all the way through the swing. And that will get you striking the ball really crisply and you’ll stop thinning your golf shots.