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Can I hit a chip and run from the rough around the green? The answer to this question really does depend on the situation that you’re in and how long the rough is. So initially yes you can definitely hit a chip and run from the rough around the green provided the rough is quite short and it’s not near deep rough. If you are in near rough you’re not going to be able to hit a chip and run because you need a higher lofted club to get the ball up and out of that rough. But here if you are in shorter rough, and the ball is sitting quite nicely, you can easily hit a chip and run from around the green Also you’ve got to look at the situation and a great tip for being able to get a chip and run close to the green is that you will be playing this club with your 7-iron. And a 7-iron will work but it needs to go about 25% of its overall journey in the air and it will roll 75% along the green. So if you’re in the situation where 25% of the way from the ball to the flag is on the green, then you can play the chip and run and that will leave you 75% of the short to get the ball rolling across the green.

However if you’re in a situation where there is more 75% of rough and then only 25% of the green, again the chip and run is not the correct shot to be hitting there. So if you are in a shorter rough with an okay lie and you’ve got at least 25% of the shot that’s over the rough and 75% of the shot on the green, you can play the chip and run. And here’s a few pointers to get you playing that chip and run really well. Set the club next to the ball and make sure the ball is in the middle of your feel as you setup. You need to slightly narrow a stance unusual here because you’re not swinging the club at speed. So this will aid your control over the club hedge just to have that slightly narrow of a stance. Just pull your left foot, if you’re a right handed golfer directly back about halfway down your right foot. That will open your stance it will open your hips up so you will be able to turn through the shot better but you will retain your alignment because your shoulders will still be parallel to the target line.

Hold slightly lower down the handle and usual again this will give you added control over the club head. And the main thing to do with the chip and run is to create a really straight line from the left shoulder all the way down the left arm to the hand and then continue that down the shaft. So you’ve really got the shaft of the club leaning forward, you’ve got the handle more to the left of the golf ball and the club head in the right of the golf ball. And it’s this straight line that’s the key to hitting a chip and run really well. So from this position here we’re going to take the straight line away from the ball, we’re going to bring the straight line back to the ball and then we’re going to swing that straight line through the ball as well. And however far you move the club head to the right of the ball, you need to swing through exactly that same distance to mirror on your follow through. So work on keeping this straight line down the left arm and into the club, the straight line goes back and the straight line goes through and you will see that you finish in a really nice straight line position, you will have hit a really nice effective chip and run and if you land the ball about 25% of the way towards the hole, the ball will roll out 75% and you will see that you got really accurate at the hole.