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How can I escape the deep rough when playing golf shots? So here we’re going to look at if you’ve go out of position and you’re now in the deep rough, how we can get back into position and get you scoring on the hole without taking a lot of shots. And the main problem we’ve got with deep rough is because the grass is so tall; it becomes difficult to get the ball out of the rough with any distance. So first of all you’ve got to play this shot with a very lofted golf club take your pitching wedge or your sand iron. Next problem we’ve got with the rough is because it’s so deep it’s going to grab hold of the club head. So if I just pop the ball in here and pop the basket next to the ball to represent the height of the grass here, the problem we’ve got is that normally when you play your golf shot, you’ll take the club head away from the ball relatively low to the ground and you can see here that if the baskets representing the grass the club is in the grass and the grass is really going to grab hold of that club head.

And one of the biggest problems we’ve got is when we swing back in, if you’re into the grass here the grass is going to grab hold of that club head at this point and its going to make it really difficult to get the ball to get the club head to the ball and for you to escape. And what will tend to happen is that the grass will grab hold of the club head you won’t transfer enough club head speed to the ball and the ball wont escape the rough. So what we’ve got to do is set up in a way that we can start to pick the club head up much higher so we start to get the club head up and out of the grass as immediately as possible so that as we swing that back down we’re making a very steep angle of decent so that we can hit the golf ball rather than get tangled up in the rough.

So main way we want to do this is just adjust your start position so play the ball from the centre of the stance and we’re going to lean the shaft this is the main thing lean the shaft to the left of the ball and lean onto your left side. By doing these two things it will now start to promote you to pick the club head up and make a steeper back swing than usual. So if I just pop the basket there and just pop this alignment polling to the basket to represent my playing angle as I swing back, usually you would swing the club at this angle around you so you’d be following that red line but when you’re playing out the deep rough you want to put the club head up a lot steeper so the club head goes up more vertically so that would drop down much steeper.

So in order to create this if you adjust your start position you lean more onto your left side and you push your hands forward you have the shaft leaning forward that will really help you to now use your wrist to make a very upward steep action with the club head and then really drive that down into the ground. You’ll find very, very difficult to follow through your follow through will really be stunted and just hold the club a tiny little bit tighter than usual because again if the grass grabs hold of that club head it’s going to try and yank it out of your hands so hold onto the club a little bit tighter than usual. But follow those tips and you should find your escaping from the rough quite easily.